Link to school in Goa via Mrs HIll

Mango Tree School in Goa Newsletter December 2017

“We were delighted to be contacted by Verity, a teaching assistant at the Bishop Harvey Goodwin Primary School in Carlisle with a view to visiting Mango House and forging a link. We finally met Verity who not only brought along lots of lovely donations from parents at the school but also brought along a huge book from one class telling us all about their school and themselves and a beautiful string made up of cardboard children decorated to represent each child. The Mango House children were very excited to reciprocate and to send back a string representing themselves in exchange. We look forward to exchanging more in future”.

Mrs Hill would like to say a huge Thank you for all your kind and generous donations of Toiletries and Stationary and Games for The Mango Tree School which she delivered personally on her recent trip to Goa. The school was absolutely delighted and sent Thank You cards to school.

Mrs Hill is sponsoring a little girl at The Mango Tree School and if anyone is interested in Sponsoring please see Mrs Hill in school.