June 2017

Police Visit

On Friday 9th June PC Stewart visited school to meet all of the classes. As part of our British Values and the justice value in school we talked to PC Stewart about his work In the Foundation Stage , the children  lobbed hearing about his work and particularly talking  about  his uniform and equipment .

They asked lots of questions about his work and PC Stewart gave us lots of information about police cars, police dogs and what he does to keep us safe .

May 2017

Outdoor Learning

February 2017

Funky Fingers

Reading Morning

Our weekly reading morning. Parents/Nannas/Grandas etc are encouraged to stay at welcome time and share some quality reading time.  We provide a wide range of reading material for the children to choose from. These include comics, fact books, traditional tales, rhyming books, stories from Julia Donaldson, counting books, catalogues and much more. Our aim is to provide the children with a love of reading and show them how much we value it.

January 2017

“In Foundation Stage we focus a lot on sharing and caring with our friends”

“We encourage children to build positive relationships with their peers and adults”

“The activities we provide offer the children opportunities to build confidence when speaking to their friends about their own needs and opinions”

“The children are encouraged to negotiate and solve problems independently. An adult is always close by to offer support to help the children achieve this.”

October 2016

“We work hard in Foundation Stage to earn Pom Poms each day. We reward the children with Pom Poms for good behaviour, being kind to others, showing respect for their classroom and others etc. This reflects the whole school behaviour policy. Once the Pom Pom jar is full the children are rewarded with special treats such as a video, a visit to the adventure play area. The children are encouraged to offer their own ideas of a treat to work towards”.



This is our wonderful harvest in NURSERY . We shared bread and heard the story of the little red hen .

Lots of parents joined us – THANK YOU for the gifts which go to the food bank at ST HERBERT’S CHURCH.

Visit to Holme Head House

Nursery and reception had a wonderful trip today to Holme Head House in Denton Holme . It’s an amazing place with lots of opportunities for creative thinking . We engaged in some quality hands on play exploring forest schools (mud kitchen, den making , rope swing etc).  We made our own bread and the children cooked it independently on the outdoor firepit.

Inside we were explorers  climbing on the large branches and camping out with the den made of twigs and leaves . We also had the use of paint, glue and clay to make our very own masterpiece. Something for the website maybe ?? Holme Head House is open to the public in the school holidays for bookable sessions if parents are interested . The children really loved it and were very well behaved .

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes

Maths Event

Here are some parent voices and child’s voices from our Maths event.

Parent voices:

“I enjoyed nursery and reception being mixed and making sandwiches” Tally

“I enjoyed interacting with my boy- It was fun to see him learning”

“I enjoyed being able to go between Nursery and Reception”


Childs voice:

“I like looking for numbers on the maths trail” Lily Calvert


“I enjoyed showing my mummy my school and friends. I showed mammy my teachers where I play” Kaitlyn Hanna