Values Day

 The Bishop Harvey Goodwin School

 Values Day Monday 4th June 2018

  We are focussing on – Perseverance

 Many projects throughout each year group in school will be on display in our School Entrance, The Gallery and here on our Website.  Some examples of the children’s work below which are on show in The Gallery

Please remember our schools core values are Friendship, Forgiveness, Respect and Hope.

Mrs S Davies  RE Co-ordinator

Values Day 4th June 2018 Perseverance

Children ans Staff persevering to run a mile around the school playground.


Values Day 20th February 2018 Forgiveness

Values Day 30th October 2017 Peace

Values Day 4th September 2017 Thankfulness

Values Day 5th June 2017 – Friendship




Values Day 24th April 2017 – Justice


Values Day 28th February 2017 – Forgiveness

Values Day 5th September 2016 – Respect