Year 4

April 2017

Easter Performance

Mrs Ewin and Mrs Armstrong’s class worked together with Mrs Cook’s class to plan, prepare and rehearse a beautiful Easter Worship. They told the story through poetry, drama, dance, music and singing.

March 2017

Testing Circuits

Children in Year 4/5 Gold were challenged to look at a variety of circuits and predict whether or not the circuit would allow the bulb to light. They then constructed the circuits to test their predictions.

October 2016

National Woodland Reserve visitor Year 3 and Year 4

Sue Woodland borrowed some things from Tullie House in order to talk to all of Year 3 and 4 about local habitats and their food chains.

img_1748 img_1749


Year 3/4 Gold Visit to Tullie House – The Stone Age

Year 3/4 Gold, Mrs Cook’s class, visited Tullie House for a Stone Age workshop…we all had fun and were kept busy!  We made a giant timeline…took part in stone circle role play, went on a treasure hunt, looked carefully at and handled real Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age artefacts…created our own lunular necklaces worn in the Bronze Age and discussed how homes changed during those times!

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Year 4/5 Gold Trip to Tullie House – The Stone Age

We visited Tullie House Museum to find out more about our Topic on The Stone Age. First we looked at a human timeline to show us how long ago the Stone Age was. We handled artifacts (very carefully) and tried to put them in the right period of time, The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We looked at pots, flints, stone axes and arrow heads, the museum was very sneaky and didn’t include any artifacts from the Iron Age to try and catch us out.  We took part in Role Play (trading for goods), Fact finding and Art activities and we all really enjoyed finding out more interesting facts about the people in The Stone Age and the how they lived.



June 2016

Year 4/5 Royal trip to Aglionby Wetlands

On Wednesday 8th June we visited Aglionby Wetlands we took part in three activities Pond Dipping and Identifying what we found, A nature Walk and a Life Cycle Quiz we had a fantastic time and it was a beautiful sunny day… A great time was had by all.

April 2016

Year 4 Royal love science!  We have been investigating solids, liquids and gases.


February 2016 Visit to Uma Kadampa Buddhist meditation Centre Carlisle.

Year 4 worship-Thankfulness

October 2015

Year 4/5 Royal visited the Devil’s Porridge Museum in Eastriggs near Gretna as part of their topic about World War 1.

The factory was 9 miles long and employed 30,000 workers mostly women and girls who produced 1.100 tons of Cordite per week to make ammunition with for the troops fighting on the front lines.

King George V and Queen Mary visited the site to thank the workers for their war efforts.

Year 4/5 enjoyed the visit and finding out about the factory especially using the interactive hands on resources available.