The Bishop Harvey Goodwin (VA) C of E Primary School

“Bonum Vincit Et Amor Dei” Good Wins Within the love of God


Please refer to policies section for our Attendance Policy and First Day Absence Procedures

At The Bishop Harvey Goodwin School we value the importance of good attendance and punctuality. We encourage children to attend school by making it a happy, safe and exciting place to be. We celebrate good attendance by certificates, book marks and badges in our Attendance Worships at the end of each term.


Absences due to illness are unavoidable and we know that you make every effort to get your child/children to school on time every day. There are also times when a child is ill at school when we have to ask you to pick them up early. We do have a '48 hour' rule of not being in school when a pupil has sickness. Please see the government website for information about whether you should keep your child off school. 


Good attendance and punctuality is vital to good progress and overall well being. Often the occasional headache and tummy ache can soon disappear when a pupil gets into class with their friends and we can always ring you if your child continues to feel ill. 



Reporting an Absence


There are several ways you can report an absence;

  • by telephone either on the absence answer phone line or to the main office on 01228 590794 before 9.30 am
  • by email to before 9.30 am
  • by personal contact before 9.30 am


If we don't hear from you


For safeguarding reasons and to keep your child/children safe it is really vital that you let us know why your child is absent by 9.30 am on the first day of their absence and then keep in touch with us during their absence if it is longer than one day. This is to enable us to know they are safe and well.


If we don't hear from you we will use our First Day Calling Procedures - please see below. It is essential that we hold up to date contact details for yourselves as parents and carers and also for your two emergency contacts. If details change please let us know immediately. If we still have no contact by the end of the first day then we may do a home visit and if we still have no explanation for absence we may contact the police via 101 enquiries as part of our safeguarding procedures

Monitoring Absence


We monitor all absence closely. If attendance drops to 95%-90% we may contact you by message, letter or call or invite you in to discuss the matter. Parents and carers of children whose attendance drops below 90% are likely to be involved in an Attendance Panel so that we can look to improve and support attendance in partnership. 


Term Time Absence


in line with Government and LA policy, any holidays in term time, unless there are exceptional circumstances, will be recorded as unauthorised. We use NAHT guidance for 'exceptional circumstances' when making a decision about what is authorised or unauthorised.











It is very important that children arrive on time so they do not miss any learning. Your child will be marked late if they arrive after the register closes at 9.10 am - 9.30am.  If they arrive after 9.30am then they will be marked absence for the session.