The Bishop Harvey Goodwin (VA) C of E Primary School

“Bonum Vincit Et Amor Dei” Good Wins Within the love of God

Understanding the World

A Visit from the Owls- 23rd November 2023

Today we had a visit from the owls we learnt lots of different owl facts. We closed our eyes to see if we could hear the owls flying around. They fly so silently. We watched them 'swooping' as they flew around our hall. We even had the chance to hold the owls too!!

Map Making: Rosie’s Walk- 12th November 2023

We have shared the story of 'Rosie's Walk' thinking about her journey around the farm. We have talked about what we use a map for and today we are looking carefully to identify some features we can see on the map. We then thought about the journey Rosie went on and the route she took in the story and followed some directions given to take Rosie around the farm on her journey.  We created our own maps of her journey.

Making Bread: Following instructions –9th November 2023

We have been looking at instructions for making bread. The little red hen asked us "Who will help me to make the bread?"  and we all said "I will!" We thought about how the 'Little red hen' turned the wheat into flour and we had a go at grinding the wheat with a pestle and mortar. We then shared some instructions of how to make bread and thought about the order we needed to make the bread in using sequential language such as first, next, after that and finally.  We left the dough and observed what happened to it over time.  We then baked the dough and observed how it had changed. We used our senses to look carefully at the bread and smelt the fresh bread and touched the warm bread and then got to taste it!

The Creation Story: Godly Play- 5th October 2023

We have been learning about ‘Why is the word God important to Christians?  We have talked about beginnings such as how we begin our day, beginning a story and beginning school.  Today we are looking at how Christians believe our world began.  We shared the Creation Story