Year 1

July 2017

Dance Session

Year 1 had an enjoyable dance session with Leonie, from Cumbria Dance Academy. We learned a full dance to Miley Cyrus’ hit song, party in the USA.

Guide Dog Charity

Year 1 raised a whopping £300 from their sponsored blind walk and we handed over the cheque to Peter Holding, from the guide dog charity. Peter brought in his retired guide dog, Laura. We all got to hand a stroke and found out some amazing facts about guide dogs and how guide dogs are bred.


“It was amazing”, Jacob.

“I found out that Laura is 12 next week and that guide dogs are important”, Rose.

“People need guide dogs to help me go places and do things”, Leo.


May 2017

Sponsored Blind Trail

We all completed our sponsored blind trail to St John’s Church today, in the scorching heat. Year One you were all amazing, Well Done.

Quotes from the children; “It felt like I was on air”, “It felt weird because things (bushes and grass) kept touching my arms and legs”, “It Was Fun!”

Mrs Slack


April 2017

Fruit Tasting

We used our senses of sight, touch, taste and smell to explore a range of fruits. Then we all tried a bitter, sour tasting ‘lemon’. Look at the pictures and see which ones show us tasting the ‘lemons’. There were some real funny faces being pulled! Following this we created a wonderful word bank to write a sensory description of a piece of fruit.


March 2017

Trip to The Lake District Wildlife Park

Year 1 had a brilliant, fun filled day to The Lake District Wildlife Park. We saw so many of the animals that are native to Africa, for part of our African topic. The children watched an owl display. There was a few whoops and screeches as they flew over our heads! A few children chose to wear their hoods up in case the owls had an accident (I did think this was very amusing). Also we had a hold of the guinea pigs called Mango, Chutney and Precious. Then to top the day off the ‘Lar Gibbon’ decided to throw sticks at Mrs Hamilton. All the adults had such a fantastic day with all of the children. There are too many great things we saw and did to write down here, so please take time to look through the pictures taken on the visit.

Mrs Slack, Mrs Pearson, Mrs Kirkby, Mrs Milner & Mrs Hamilton



In science we have been exploring materials and as part of our Africa topic we have been making buildings for Handa, using only materials that would be found by some of the African people: pebbles, wood and straw. The children used tape and blue-tac to attach pieces together. It was challenging and we had to adapt our initial ideas and improve throughout. We will be testing our houses against weather factors of wind and rain in the coming weeks.

November 2016

Year 1/2 Gold had a super afternoon out visiting ‘Richard Rose Central Academy’ to take part in a multi skills sports festival.

The children got to practise and learn lots of new and existing skills using some new equipment. The year 10 sports leaders were very helpful and we had lots of fun music on while we were working 🙂


October 2016

Year 1 PE Lesson

In Year 1 we have been learning the importance of listening carefully to instructions in order to stay safe. We have played ‘Simon Says’ which was lots of fun and quite tricky. As part of our PE lessons we have been developing our team building skills by working together to complete a range of tasks. Our class have used a range of body movements to travel safely around the hall at different speeds. We had to react to signals quickly and alter our pathways in response to key signals. The children have enjoyed their coaching session with Guy this half term.

May 2016 Carlisle Castle Visit

Year 1 enjoyed their visit to ‘Carlisle Castle’ to experience life inside a castle, through role play as knights, dragons and damsels, as part of our ‘Dragon’ topic. The children loved getting to touch the canons and walk around the top of the castle, seeing far beyond the castle walls. They took great interest in the stone carvings made by the castle guards and starting to guess what they may have been and what they may have meant , until we discovered this later in the exhibition room. The visit has left us with many questions to explore further in class and has inspired lots of historical discussions.


March 2016- Zozo The African Drummer

Our visit from Zozo the African drummer, in Year 1.

On Monday…..

“All the classes came to see Zozo and it was really fun”, Lucy.

“We played the African drums”, Grace.

“Zozo told us a story and taught us a song”, Neve

“We found out that Zozo was a good drummer and he let us have a go on his African drums”, Ellie

“Zozo came with his drums and he let us play with them”, Alfie Burke


We found out……

“that Zozo travelled around the world”, Millie.

“the top is called the base and the bottom of the drum is called the open”, Joel.

“that Zozo was born in Sierra Leone and he is scared of snakes”, Fletcher



I really enjoyed…..

“playing the drums”, Tillie

“Shaking the tambourines”, Holly

“Playing the African game”, Elliot

“singing songs in a circle”, Sienna

“when the beat was loud and the decoration on the drums”, Charley

“it when we played the game and I won”, Ryan



February 2016

As a reward for good behaviour all half term we are allowed a reward and it’s often a toy day but this time we voted between a toy day and a film and the TOY DAY won The photo is of the children voting for their choice







We have a voice we have a choice


October 2015

Trip to Hammonds Pond

Our visit to Hammonds Pond to investigate habitats


September 2015

Snails visit Year 1

We have been exploring the text ‘The snail and the whale’, by Julia Donaldson. In our Science topic afternoon we observed ‘snails’ movements over time. We made predictions about the foods snails may like to eat and set up an investigation to test our predictions. We watched the snails very closely, the children really enjoyed watching the snails appear from their shells slowly and then move at speed towards the foods we had placed for them. The children discovered that they like to eat all of our snail food choices of grass, leaves, cabbage, lettuce and a juicy pear.