Year 1

March 2018

Science Experiment

Up, up and away…

The children were set a challenge as part of our class text, ‘Oh the places you’ll go’ by Dr Suess to make a balloon travel without touching the balloon. The children were given the following items: a balloon, string, cellotape and a straw. It was a challenge and we tried many different ways. With lots perseverance and adaptation, we managed it!

Now we have a class question that the children want to investigate:

How far can a balloon travel?

We will be testing this out and find where our balloon ends up!

Moving Mountains

Year 1 enjoyed taking part in the Moving Mountains project. We took part in a music session and RE session, led by Bishop Paul. We all had fun singing along with the guitars and one birthday girl got a special song!

September 2017

Carlisle Library


Year 1 enjoyed a great visit to Carlisle Library. The children got to explore the children’s reading castle area, sharing books with friends and adults. We learned all about how the library works and what it can be used for. We also got to get a special look at the oldest book in the library, at a whopping 700 years old, complete with holes from book worms!

July 2017

Dance Session

Year 1 had an enjoyable dance session with Leonie, from Cumbria Dance Academy. We learned a full dance to Miley Cyrus’ hit song, party in the USA.

Guide Dog Charity

Year 1 raised a whopping £300 from their sponsored blind walk and we handed over the cheque to Peter Holding, from the guide dog charity. Peter brought in his retired guide dog, Laura. We all got to hand a stroke and found out some amazing facts about guide dogs and how guide dogs are bred.


“It was amazing”, Jacob.

“I found out that Laura is 12 next week and that guide dogs are important”, Rose.

“People need guide dogs to help me go places and do things”, Leo.


May 2017

Sponsored Blind Trail

We all completed our sponsored blind trail to St John’s Church today, in the scorching heat. Year One you were all amazing, Well Done.

Quotes from the children; “It felt like I was on air”, “It felt weird because things (bushes and grass) kept touching my arms and legs”, “It Was Fun!”

Mrs Slack


April 2017

Fruit Tasting

We used our senses of sight, touch, taste and smell to explore a range of fruits. Then we all tried a bitter, sour tasting ‘lemon’. Look at the pictures and see which ones show us tasting the ‘lemons’. There were some real funny faces being pulled! Following this we created a wonderful word bank to write a sensory description of a piece of fruit.