Year 2

July 2017

Ruan Thai Visit

Year 2 Royal Visit the Ruan Thai restaurant to sample Thai food as part of their Global learning project about Thailand, it’s cultures and ways of life.

Blessing for Year 2 at St Herbert’s Church

On Friday the 7th of July 2017 the Year Two children attended a blessing at St Herbert’s Church with the Reverend Alun. As well as receiving our blessing, we had a guided tour of the church and had an opportunity to share our favourite memories of Year Two. Thank you Reverend Alun for making us so welcome and helping us celebrate the end of Key Stage One.

The Gruffalo at Whinlatter

May 2017

Year two guitar sculptures based on Picasso work


Making fruit salad in year two linked to Grandad’s Island Text


April 2017

Picasso Sculpture

Maths in Year 2

February 2017

Pancake Cafe

November 2016

Year 1/2 Gold had a super afternoon out visiting ‘Richard Rose Central Academy’ to take part in a multi skills sports festival.

The children got to practise and learn lots of new and existing skills using some new equipment. The year 10 sports leaders were very helpful and we had lots of fun music on while we were working 🙂

September 2016


This week in Year 1 and 2 Gold we have had aliens causing chaos!!

The children have had tremendous fun making their own aliens. They have thought cafefully about their aliens charaterisitsics and have been using amazing adjectives to write a character description of their alien.


This half term, we have been looking at stories Jesus told. Today, we watched the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 and acted this out in our groups. We imagined that we were a member of the crowds, and thought about how we would have felt, what we might have said and what we might have been thinking.

Pancake Café ~ Hosted by Year 2

Year 2 had an excellent morning at their Pancake Café. Thank you to everyone who attended, we hope you enjoyed your yummy pancake and listening to the children read.

Some comments from our parents and pupils:


“I loved waiting and taking orders”

“It was nice to spend some time with my child in the school setting.”

“It was lovely to have Charlie waiting on his mum and little sister for the morning. Delicious pancakes.”

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October 2015 Carlisle Castle Visit

Year 2 Royal had a fantastic visit to Carlisle Castle. They enjoyed looking around at the different features, dressing up and finding out what people ate when living in a castle.