Year 4

March 2018 Year 4/5 Science Week

January 2018

HA Maths Day

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 November 2017

Tullie House The Stone Age

Thankfulness Worship

Eggs and Teeth Science

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 Gold Time Games

October 2017

Year 4-5 Gold

Visit to Devil’s Porridge Museum

July 2017

Trip to Broomhills Farm

Year 4-5 Gold

Yr 3 – 5 enjoyed a visits to Lynewood forest to learn about the forest habitats. Although the weather was not so kind, the children loved being outside and getting wet and dirty! Everyone had the opportunity to build dens, make some beautiful natural art pieces and also enjoyed toasting marshmallows! The children also then helped with some jobs on the nearby farm; feeding the donkeys, collecting eggs and looking after Larry the pet lamb!


This is what the children said about their visit;

“I loved building the forts in the forest and I loved the view” 

“I enjoyed making the dens and toasting marshmallows, I would like to go again!” Sophie

” I loved all of it!” Lydia

” I learned that outside is a fun place!” Ellie 


May 2017

Visit to Tullie House Museum – Egyptian Workshop- Year 4-5 Gold

Year 4-5 Gold developed their knowledge and understanding of “Life and Death in Ancient Egypt” by taking part in a workshop at Tullie House.

We examined a range of sources of evidence to find out about The Nile, Hieroglyphs and Gods and Godesses.

We even got to mummify Tutantullie – our favourite activity.

Mrs Ewin


Visit to Tullie House Museum – Egyptian Workshop- Year 3-4 Gold

At the Ancient Egyptian workshop we impressed the staff at Tullie with our knowledge about the Egyptians and their Gods.  We learned more about mummification and took part in an Egyptian Death Ceremony.  We looked closely at some genuine artefacts, which included hieroglyphic carvings and minerals used for make-up.  Also researched objects used by the people of the time and had the chance to dress like an Egyptian!  We all had a great time.

Mrs Cook