The Bishop Harvey Goodwin (VA) C of E Primary School

“Bonum Vincit Et Amor Dei” Good Wins Within the love of God

Year 4

Swimming - Water Safety Session


Pupils learnt safe ways to rescue someone who had fallen into water

Compassionate Act


Year 4 chose to spend time playing with reception children to teach them new games.      

Year 4 Football

Action Ants

The Big Jubilee Draw – Year 4 were invited to join Steve Antony, the author and illustrator of The Queen’s Jubilee story book.  We all followed his tips on how to draw some of the characters from his book.

Science – The water cycle – Year 4 pupils painted pictures outside using water and brushes, to help understand evaporation, condensation, collection and precipitation.

DT - Year 4 used their knowledge and understanding of circuits to design and make torches.  We had to measure carefully, cut and fix the parts together.  We had to be patient because if our torches didn’t work the first time, we had to think about where the circuit may be faulty.

Music – Year 4 are learning to play the clarinet.

Easter Worship – Year 4 travelled around the world to find out how Christians celebrate in different countries.

Islamic Workshop

Tree planting – Cold hands, but warm hearts, helping the Queen’s canopy grow to celebrate her platinum jubilee.  It was quite tricky to dig deep enough for the tree roots.

Reindeer Run -Year 4 pupils had lots of fun despite the weather, and helped to raise a lot of money for the local children’s hospice.

Gymnastics - Practicing forward rolls


Year 4 enjoyed a visit to the cinema to watch ‘Totoro’ a Japanese folk story.