Year 3

November 2018

Y3 Art work for the Christian Aid Project – ‘Give Peas a Chance’

Our artwork went out into the community to be displayed in Carlisle Library, then in the Cathedral.

October 2018

Wednesday 10th October 2018.

Year 3 took advantage of the beautiful Autumn weather today and had their P.E lesson outside.

The children were practising their netball skills: shooting, defending and retrieving.

We had a lovely lesson in the sunshine

September 2018

Phunky Foods Cooking Experience

Today we made ‘Mackerel Dip’. Working in groups of 3 we collected ingredients, gathered cooking utensils and followed instructions. We were introduced to new foods and carefully listened to cutting instructions, we used the ‘bridge’ technique. Presentation was key and the best part was the tasting!