Year 3

May 2017

Lepra Dance Workshop


Visit to Tullie House Museum – Egyptian Workshop – Year 3-4 Gold

At the Ancient Egyptian workshop we impressed the staff at Tullie with our knowledge about the Egyptians and their Gods.  We learned more about mummification and took part in an Egyptian Death Ceremony.  We looked closely at some genuine artefacts, which included hieroglyphic carvings and minerals used for make-up.  Also researched objects used by the people of the time and had the chance to dress like an Egyptian!  We all had a great time.

Mrs Cook

April 2017

Year 3 Adventure Stories

After reading ‘How to train your dragon’ Cressida Cowell the children created their own dragon hero and wrote an adventure story about them. We explored a collection of dragon books in Guided Reading and from these we created our own unique dragon. Using plasticine we made models of our dragons and shared these with our peers.


Year 3 Global Project – INDIA

As part of our Global Project on India, we have learned that many Indians are Hindus. We explored an important Hindu story – The Story of Lord Ganesha. In small groups we acted out the story for the class, then used this experience to help us to write a diary entry, retelling the story, in role as Goddess Parvathi (Lord Ganesha mother). We also looked closely at different images of Lord Ganesha and made detailed pencil drawings of him.


Year 3 African Drumming

As part of our Music curriculum Year 3 have been learning how to play Djembe drums with an African Drummer called Zozo. During our sessions with Zozo, we have learned a lot of interesting and fun songs to sing and play. Here are some photographs from our last drumming sessions (Monday 24th April 2017).


Easter Performance

Mrs Ewin and Mrs Armstrong’s class worked together with Mrs Cook’s class to plan, prepare and rehearse a beautiful Easter Worship. They told the story through poetry, drama, dance, music and singing.

October 2016

Year 3/4 Gold Visit to Tullie House – The Stone Age

Year 3/4 Gold, Mrs Cook’s class, visited Tullie House for a Stone Age workshop…we all had fun and were kept busy!  We made a giant timeline…took part in stone circle role play, went on a treasure hunt, looked carefully at and handled real Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age artefacts…created our own lunular necklaces worn in the Bronze Age and discussed how homes changed during those times!

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National Woodland Reserve visitor Year 3 and Year 4

Sue Woodland borrowed some things from Tullie House in order to talk to all of Year 3 and 4 about local habitats and their food chains.

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