The Bishop Harvey Goodwin (VA) C of E Primary School

“Bonum Vincit Et Amor Dei” Good Wins Within the love of God

Year 3

Fieldwork Trip to Caldbeck

Our Geography Fieldwork trip to Caldbeck was superb.

We did pedestrian footfall and traffic surveys, placed map symbols onto a map of Caldbeck that we followed, used a map to find the Muddy Duck Café, school and pond, completed a map of the pond with human and physical features, had lunch at Fell View Primary school and interviewed pupils about living in Caldbeck, walked along the river side to look at the waterfall and find St. Kentigen’s church and not a drop of rain in sight! We were very tired from lots of walking but we had a superb day full of learning all about Caldbeck and developing our fieldwork skills.



We have been learning sewing techniques running stitch and cross stitch also sewing shapes on to create overlapping.

Wheelchair Basketball

RE  -  We retold the Old Testament of Saul in class , we all joined in with parts and we knew the most important parts by acting them out – pausing the drama and discussing what was happening and what God had planned for his Saul’s journey

Science - We are great scientists in Year 3 and investigated how many paper clips would be attached to our magnets and completed a experiment to see if the biggest magnet hold the most magnets – It didn’t !!

Science - Finding out more about plants meant digging up some flowers and closely observing their features – we were able to record these in detailed drawings.


Science - FORCES – we need to investigate forces and so all worked in teams to determine which surface created the most friction – good team work , accurate measuring and excellent conclusions from everyone

Art Picasso- As part of our art learning about Picasso and cubism Year 3 have experimented withlayered collage and shading

Animation in Computing - May 

We worked using plasticine and stop motion to create short animations after creating flip books in computing 

OAA - May

We worked in teams to follow orienteering plans and maps

Making sandwiches - DT   April


We made healthy sandwich snacks after our visit from phunky foods using the balanced plate in DT

Susan’s farm 26th April 2022 – Mapping skills, Farm to fork, Cooking, Holding lambs, Pond dipping

Tree Ceremony

Cinema Visit