The Bishop Harvey Goodwin (VA) C of E Primary School

“Bonum Vincit Et Amor Dei” Good Wins Within the love of God

Foundation Stage 'Follow the Star Nativity'

The Foundation Stage pupils were amazing in their Follow the Star Nativity on Friday 15th December. It was lovely to see their faces as they sang the carols, dressed in costumes and completed Christmas actrivities related to the Nativity such as making a crown for the kings and see the real life donkeys.


Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and visitors. We had 100% attendance. Read some of the amazing comments from them ...


' This was absolutely fantastic! I was so impressed with it all. So much effort went into it and it makes me proud of my child as a pupil of TBHGS' Olivers mum


'What a lovely day I had following the star and the donkey. It was lovely to hear the children singing' Rosie's Nana


'Today has been a magical experience. The children singing was incredible and what a way to bring such joy'. 


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