The Bishop Harvey Goodwin (VA) C of E Primary School

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D.T. -  Moving Toys (part 1)

During the Spring term, our D.T. project is Moving Toys.

To begin our topic, we investigated different toys with moving cam mechanisms. We choose to look at one moving toy in great detail and analysed its cam mechanism - investigating its features and processes. We used observation and discussion to record the cam mechanism, labelling clearly it's parts (follower, cam, dowel) and its processes (how it made the toy move). The children were then presented with this term's project brief - to create a moving toy for children in the Foundation Stage class. We then moved on to exploring in greater detail the individual features of the moving cam mechanisms and how they work. The children investigated different shape cams and how this would effect the movement of the toy. We explored the concept of cams and off-centre cams and predicted what effect this would have on the movement and design of the structure needed for the mechanism. We then explored creating a structure from card for a moving mechanism and evaluated the effectiveness and efficiency of building one rather than using an already devised structure like a cardboard box to 'house' / by the structure for the cam mechanism. Using the structure the children investigated their predictions about centre and off-centre cams, so they would be able to move on to the design of their moving toy with secure understanding of the mechanisms. The children they collated all they attained from the investigation sessions to return to their project brief and designed a moving toy for children in the Foundation Stage. They completed a detailed design of the appearance of their toy, an annotated mechanism design (with at least 2 moving parts), listed the materials, tools and decorations they needed to prepare in order to make the toy. Discussed the most effective and efficient step process for building the toy and decided as a class on the success criteria we needed to make sure that the toy successfully achieved the brief.

D.T. Burgers:

As part of our D.T. Burgers unit of study, the children began by exploring different types of burgers and their nutritional facts. Then, explored different types of burger patties (beef, turkey and vegetable) and how to make them. We had a tasting session to explore different types of sauces to accompany the patties in the burger and then different types of burger rolls, assessing their suitability to support their individual burger plan. We discussed different side dishes and how different cuisine of burgers would require different sides to suit the cuisine chosen by the chef. After, the children had planned their burger they cooked beef patties in small groups and built their unique burgers before tasting and evaluating.

Burgers Cooking and Tasting

Sauces and Bread Tasting