The Bishop Harvey Goodwin (VA) C of E Primary School

“Bonum Vincit Et Amor Dei” Good Wins Within the love of God

Year 5


Year 5 were very fortunate to participate in Hi Five Netball sessions with Anna Nicholson. The children learned the basic skills of the game and then participated in small team games, where they were able to put their new netball skills into action. All children were focused and engaged in the sessions and Anna (who teaches Secondary School P.E.), was very impressed with their listening skills, positive attitude and ability to play netball. Both the children and Anna were disappointed there were not more sessions available and have asked for the netball posts to be out more often at breaktimes so that they can continue to play.


Year 5 Netball

D.T. Burgers:

As part of our D.T. Burgers unit of study, the children began by exploring different types of burgers and their nutritional facts. Then, explored different types of burger patties (beef, turkey and vegetable) and how to make them. We had a tasting session to explore different types of sauces to accompany the patties in the burger and then different types of burger rolls, assessing their suitability to support their individual burger plan. We discussed different side dishes and how different cuisine of burgers would require different sides to suit the cuisine chosen by the chef. After, the children had planned their burger they cooked beef patties in small groups and built their unique burgers before tasting and evaluating.


As part of our exploration of the value of Respect, we looked at respecting our unique selves and respecting nature. During one of our class worships, we went out in to our school grounds to complete a guided mediation. The children enjoyed going out into our peaceful school environment to immerse themselves in nature, be relaxed and calm in order to focus their attention to the messages of the guided meditation.

History – Cathedral Remembrance Tour 06.11.23

As part of their History unit of study: Why is WWI remembered as the Great War? How do we remember WWI and the impact it had on our citizens? Year 5 attended Carlisle Cathedral to complete their Remembrance Tour. To begin with the children discussed the act of remembrance with our tour guide Ellen, and the significance and origin of the poppy as part of the British Remembrance. The children each made a poppy and then add it to the oasis to make a class remembrance wreath. Then, Ellen lead the class to the Border Regiment Chapel within the Cathedral and shared the variety of war memorials, including plaques, statues and book of remembrance. She then shared different memorials of a variety of local individuals from WWI; including a vicar, Cathedral Choristers, a nurse and a farmer. We lit a candle as an act of remembrance for all those who lives were effected by WWI and all conflicts since. Ellen lead the children in quiet reflection at the main altar, where they lay/sat on the floor and reflected on the messages in the cathedral and the importance of remembrance. To complete our remembrance tour, we held our own Remembrance Service. As part of the service, Kalvyn read a war poem, Alex, Tilly and Liam laid the remembrance wreath we had created as well as one we had taken as a gift of remembrance from our school at the main altar, we listened to music and held a silence before parading the wreaths to the Border Regiment Chapel where we lay them with the other wreaths at the altar. We left our remembrance wreath in the cathedral and brought the one we made back to school to include it in our own Remembrance Service for the school. Before we left, we visited the Bishop Harvey Goodwin memorial in the Cathedral as an act of remembrance and appreciation for our school's founder. Ellen was incredible impressed with the children during the tour. She remarked about how knowledgeable they were about WWI and remembrance, as well as how respectful, engaged and reflective they were during the tour. The children enjoyed the tour, in particular the wreath making and exploring the cathedral.