The Bishop Harvey Goodwin (VA) C of E Primary School

“Bonum Vincit Et Amor Dei” Good Wins Within the love of God

Remembrance Service

Year 5 Remembrance Service 2023

Year 5 had the important responsibility of delivering the school's Remembrance Service to pupils and parents.

In preparation for this task, we had completed an Historical enquiry about WWI - Why is WWI remembered as the Great War? How do we remember WWI and the impact it had on our citizens? As part of our enquiry, we visited Carlisle Cathedral to participate in a Remembrance Tour and further develop our understanding of WWI, its impact on our locality and the importance of Remembrance Day. Using all the knowledge and understanding we gained in our History enquiry, we worked collaboratively as a class to plan, prepare, rehearse and deliver our Remembrance Service to our school community. To be inclusive to all members of our school community, we delivered a classroom version of our Remembrance Service to a group of Year 1 pupils that were unable to attend the whole school service in the morning. We received positive feedback from pupils, staff, parents and visitors to the service. Notable highlights of the service were - children's confident delivery of their chosen poem, prayer and their beautiful singing. How knowledgeable they were about the history of WWI, the impact to our locality and the significance of Remembrance Day. Everyone complimented the children of their maturity in delivering a informative, moving and thought-provoking service. Additional feedback - "It was lovely to see the children all being invited to contribute to the service and enabled them to feel included." "Very touching service - children were great and the singing was lush!" "Perfect!" "Lovely service and very proud of you all. Well done."