Year 5

July 2017

Year 4-5 Gold

Yr 3 – 5 enjoyed a visits to Lynewood forest to learn about the forest habitats. Although the weather was not so kind, the children loved being outside and getting wet and dirty! Everyone had the opportunity to build dens, make some beautiful natural art pieces and also enjoyed toasting marshmallows! The children also then helped with some jobs on the nearby farm; feeding the donkeys, collecting eggs and looking after Larry the pet lamb!


This is what the children said about their visit;

“I loved building the forts in the forest and I loved the view” 

“I enjoyed making the dens and toasting marshmallows, I would like to go again!” Sophie

” I loved all of it!” Lydia

” I learned that outside is a fun place!” Ellie



May 2017

Visit to Tullie House Museum – Egyptian Workshop- Year 4-5 Gold

Year 4-5 Gold developed their knowledge and understanding of “Life and Death in Ancient Egypt” by taking part in a workshop at Tullie House.

We examined a range of sources of evidence to find out about The Nile, Hieroglyphs and Gods and Godesses.

We even got to mummify Tutantullie – our favourite activity.

Mrs Ewin

April 2017

Easter Performance

Mrs Ewin and Mrs Armstrong’s class worked together with Mrs Cook’s class to plan, prepare and rehearse a beautiful Easter Worship. They told the story through poetry, drama, dance, music and singing.

March 2017

Testing Circuits

Children in Year 4/5 Gold were challenged to look at a variety of circuits and predict whether or not the circuit would allow the bulb to light. They then constructed the circuits to test their predictions.

March 2017

Year Five Royal have been writing Blogs about sheep

Click on links below

October 2016

Year 4/5 Gold Trip to Tullie House – The Stone Age

We visited Tullie House Museum to find out more about our Topic on The Stone Age. First we looked at a human timeline to show us how long ago the Stone Age was. We handled artifacts (very carefully) and tried to put them in the right period of time, The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We looked at pots, flints, stone axes and arrow heads, the museum was very sneaky and didn’t include any artifacts from the Iron Age to try and catch us out.  We took part in Role Play (trading for goods), Fact finding and Art activities and we all really enjoyed finding out more interesting facts about the people in The Stone Age and the how they lived.

 img_2753 img_2752 img_2751 img_2750 img_2749 img_2748 img_2747 img_2746 img_2745 img_2742 img_2741 img_2740 img_2739 img_2737 img_2736 img_2735 img_2734 img_2733 img_2731 img_2778 img_2777 img_2776 img_2775 img_2774 img_2773 img_2772 img_2771 img_2767 img_2766 img_2765 img_2764 img_2763 img_2762 img_2761 img_2760 img_2759 img_2758 img_2757 img_2756 img_2754

June 2016

Year 4/5 Royal trip to Aglionby Wetlands

On Wednesday 8th June we visited Aglionby Wetlands we took part in three activities Pond Dipping and Identifying what we found, A nature Walk and a Life Cycle Quiz we had a fantastic time and it was a beautiful sunny day… A great time was had by all.



Niscu Visit – March 2016

Rolling Away the Stone

Rachel and Michael from NISCU came into school today and created a Crime Scene Investigation for Year Five to discuss who they thought rolled away the stone from the tomb after Jesus was buried.  Year Five interviewed a Roman Soldier, John the Disciple and Mary Magdalene.  Lots of interesting theories were discussed, here are some photographs of the visit

IMG_3092 IMG_3091 IMG_3090 IMG_3111 IMG_3110 IMG_3109 IMG_3099 IMG_3098 IMG_3097 IMG_3096 IMG_3095 IMG_3094