Year 5

July 2018

The Life Centre Newcastle

Year 5/6 visited The Life Centre in  Newcastle there was lots to see and do including a 4-d motion ride led by a robot, the planetarium, the science lab – we learned all about engineering and the bridges over the river Tyne, The explorer Zone, The curiosity Zone and a brilliant display about how robots have changed over the years.  Ancient Greek Science was one of the activities we took part in in one the science labs,  it was really great fun we learned about Archimedes and the famous ‘Eureka’ shout out,  so then we worked out the density of wood and lead and calculated the density of each item using density = mass divided by volume.  After this we guessed the density of four different liquids cooking oil, coloured red water, Glycerol and Methylated Spirit and then the lab teacher added different materials to see where they would land.                                                                                                                                                                  paperclip – glycerol, candle – oil,   mint sweet – glycerol, key ring – plastic part water but metal key dangled in glycerol, pencil and polystyrene – methylated spirit, butter – glycerol.  We didn’t always guess the correct conclusion !!!

To finish off we looked at other famous Greek Scientisits,  Anaxaoras who studied the sun, Anistarchos who studied the earth travelling around the sun and Pythagoras the Mathematician.