The Bishop Harvey Goodwin (VA) C of E Primary School

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Safeguarding and Online Safety

  We are an effective safeguarding school.


' Many pupils benefit from the school's early intervension and effective multi-agency working. Robust procedures are in place for Child Protection' (Ofsted 2018) 



The safety and welfare of your children is our paramount concern. All parents are asked to fill in a full contacts and information sheet on entry to school using our 'Personal Information Form' and we will ask for two emergency contacts in case parents are not avaliable. We will always make contact with a parent if your child is ill or has sustained an injury. 

Safety checks are carried out by our Safeguarding Management Team and Governors.


Safeguarding Management Team 

In school we have a strong Safeguarding Management Team which is made up of ;


Mrs Craggs - Designated Safeguarding Lead (Level 3 trained)

Mrs Thompson - Deputy Safeguarding Lead (Level 3 trained) Child Look After, Signs of Safety Lead (Level 2 trained)

Mrs Slack - SEND Leader 

Miss Clark - Early Help Lead and Inclusion 

Mrs Pickup - Safeguarding Governor (Level 3 trained)


All staff and Governors are trained in Level 1 Safeguarding and Prevent. 


If you need to contact school for a safeguarding reason please either ring us on 01228 590794 and ask for our Designated Safeguarding Lead or email on our confidential address


If you are unable to contact any of the staff, help is always there through Cumbria Safeguarding Children's Partnership (CSCP). Out of hours contact can be made via the Safeguarding hub on 0333 240 1727.


Contact Numbers you might need;


Cumbria Housing Association 01228 817200

Domestic Violence 01228 817079