The Bishop Harvey Goodwin (VA) C of E Primary School

“Bonum Vincit Et Amor Dei” Good Wins Within the love of God


Year Six OAA – Spring 1

Year Six took on the challenge of using 12 paper straws to create a straw structure that supports the weight of an egg!  They worked collaboratively, taking on different roles. They contributed ideas about what would make the strongest and most stable structure, considering the base and shapes that would provide the most strength.

Year Six Gymnastics – Spring 1

Year Six worked in small groups to devise and practice a range of balances. They are developing their understanding of the necessary flexibility, strength and control needed to perform the balances successfully.


Karate Taster Session

Year Six took part enthusiastically in a karate taster session. They practised punches and kicks and were challenged to move quickly and skilfully through a floor ladder.