The Bishop Harvey Goodwin (VA) C of E Primary School

“Bonum Vincit Et Amor Dei” Good Wins Within the love of God

Easter Egg Competition 2023

Children were invited to design a bible story using eggs for a competition. The eggs were amazing as I am sure you agree. We had Noah's Ark, Adam and Eve, Daniel and the Lion, the nativity and Moses to name but a few. The Ethos Group judged the winners with Mrs Ewin.

Congratulations to the winners;

Nursery - Charlie ' The Whole World in his hands@

Reception - Lydia 'Adam and Eve'

Year 1 - Justin 'Jonah and the whale'

Year 2 - Frankie 'Noah's Ark'

Year 3 - Evie 'animal Barn'

Year 4 - Oliver 'The Last Supper'

Year 5 - Mayzee 'The Nativity'

Year 6 - Emilia 'The Nativity'