The Bishop Harvey Goodwin (VA) C of E Primary School

“Bonum Vincit Et Amor Dei” Good Wins Within the love of God


We live out democracy in many ways. 'If you have a voice, you have a choice' 


Here are some ideas from the children (Worship 9.2.23) ;

  • At the start of every year pupils in Year 2 and Year 6 have the opportunity to stand for position of House Captain for the Lions, Eagles, Phoenix and Dolphin Houses. They prepare and deliver a manifesto to the house meeting and then everyone has one vote in a ballot to select the House Captain. We discuss democracy with them through this process.
  • Throughout the year the House Captain then gather through democratic votes how we carry out future activities and events. Examples have included disco themes, hymns for worship of ways to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. For the Plantinum Jubilee the children democratiocally decided to celebrate via a bake the cake competition and a street party at lunchtime 
  • Children are going to vote on how we wish to celebrate King Charles III Corination on May 8th 2023 in the near future
  • Worship Leaders were selected after interviews by a vote from the outgoing Worship Leaders 
  • Classes work together to develop and agree the rules/routines in their classroom 


From these activities pupils can see how the can express their voice correctly and peacefully in modern Britain and in the words of the school ...